Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Knock~knock~knock~who's there???

Haiii!!!  ~(^3^)~

My name is Lydia, but you can call me Bulan~

I'm not a good a writer, so i hope you can bear with my blaaa~blaaa~blaa~~because i'm gonna tell you anything that i wanted to tell here!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hurmmm...nothing's special with this page, but you'll see something rare or vice versa!

...and... i thinkkkk nothing's uncommon about my writing BUUUTTT you'll might see or you'll find something that you need here (I HOPE SOOOO~~)

...andddd....nothing's beautiful with my stories (which i'll post it laterr~~)..but, maybe ONE DAY you'll figure it out that something is WONDERFUL here! (just kidding~)

I'm just a simple girl, straight-forward kinda person, not so short and not so tall (average height i guess)...i love to travel...and i LOVE FOOD soooo much!especially SPICY FOOD!Auummmm...but sadly i'm not a thinker, i'm a story teller instead~

Actually, i was inspired with lots of people in this friends...POPE...artists and celebrities...supermodel like Naomi Campbell and Amber Chia...and even among the poor!their courage, fuuhhhh~RESPECT!

I WONDER if i'm capable to inspire people out there???naayyy~~

Hurmm..i think i should stop here.because i don't know what to say next.BTW, kindly ignore my grammar mistakes because i don't have so much time to prepare a good essay, i just simply throw it out and that's it!?~so i guess that's all,BYE~see you AGAIN~and thank you for visiting my LITTLE HOME.....................

WITH <3,

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