Sunday, 27 November 2016

Childhood Memories !

Everybody has a childhood memory, some were the best and some were the stupidest and some that even left you with a deep scar. Childhood was fun for me but I mostly remember my sad memories more than my happy memories, even though I’m a grown up now, sometimes I still think back about those memories. Since I’m just gonna do some random talk today let me share a lil bit about my childhood days.


Based on what I remember lah hihihi, when I was 4 years old, the first day of kindergarten was the scariest thing I could remember. I still remember how I had a strong grip on the door so that I won’t be brought to school by dad and he would just budge and forget about all the-bringing-me-to-school-thing but nope, I failed, dad had back up, the teacher also helped by pulling me too. I still that was embarrassing of me to do that and cry about. But what can I do I skipped 2 weeks of the real date I should go to kindergarten and everybody there seem to already get along while I’m over here acting like it’s the end of the world while crying and screaming and running around the classroom.

Silly kid hahha, and to be honest, at that time where my father left me and when I turned around, all the students and teacher in that classroom were like man-eating giants to me, IT WAS SCARYYYYY, I don’t know why it thought it was scary, but really at that time I felt like I shrunken.!. But soon I got along with them pretty well and I was pretty embarrassed when one of my new friends said that I looked really funny when I was acting like I had hysteria after my dad left. Guess I ruined my first impression at the first day of school *sigh* oh well, those some memories ill never forget and never do again *fingercrossed*.

The next childhood memory that I still keep thinking of is when one day at my house, dad was doing this magic trick, he puts a 20 cent coin in his mouth and he swallows it, but then he throws it out with a cough . Yes, I know magic is just hands playing tricks with you but I remind you again, im just a kid at that time and I really thought it was the most awesome thing I have ever saw. So as a curious kid, I did a thing that any kid would do or is it just a kid stupid like me would?

At school, during recess, while we were waiting turns to buy our food, I went to my best friend and told her to watch me do a magic trick, and so I placed my 20 cent coin in my mouth and said proudly, “just watch your gonna be amazed!” with a smirk on my face I swallowed that coin FOR REAL! Soon that smirk was gone and my face turned pale and I don’t know why but I can’t speak up at that moment and I did a crazy hand signalled well I just waved my hands wildly and pointing my throat signalling that I did something stupid, at that moment I thought I was gonna die or something and my friend just stood there watching me. Maybe she thought it was part of the magic trick and thought I was just acting but who cares about that at that moment!? I quickly rushed up to my teacher at the front and pointed my throat signalling that I had something stuck in it, at first she was just smiling and thought I was you know, just doing stupid things as a kid but then my friend came up and said ,

“Teacher, I think she’s trying to tell you that she swallowed a coin and can’t get it out of her throat and she thinks she is dying.”

“Oh yeah. Btw she keeps swallowing when she should not do that as it might cause the blockage to become worst.!”

The teacher’s sweet smile faded and her eyes widened and she quickly brought me outside. Of course no one wouldn’t want to miss a show like that right? So everybody went out and saw me being held by my teacher while she forces one hand into my mouth to get that coin out and the other to hold me tight in place. What was embarrassing was how the teacher hold me, she was kinda holding me a little higher to her level with the help of another teacher and it kinda you…revealed…my..panties.!

At that time, all I kinda hear were laughs from the other kids and the teacher saying “Open your wider! Don’t swallow that coin your only making it worst!” Blablablablablablabalbalalkaballablblbabalabblabalba and Poof! Wait that isn’t how it sound like it was more like a meat being torned, yeahh, raw meat that zszsxxzsxxsszszsxsx sound, kinda like that when the coin was successfully pulled out.  After that incident I never believe in magic again and also because of that memory, all my kindergarten classmates remember well, not my name actually, all they have to say was “Hey you remember that kid back in kindergarten who swallowed a coin? Well here she is hahahahaha.!”

Guess I’ll end my writing here guys~ So, do you like my stories? If you do, say thanks to my niece because it’s actually her childhood memories.! Thank you for wasting your time to read this silly entry, adiossssss~~~

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