Saturday, 12 March 2016

ALARM system in our body

So today’s entry is about a story on how our immune system works in our body...

To ease everyone, I try to illustrate it in pictorial way for our better understanding! Hence, please bear with my ‘hardwork’.

This is what happened in our body:-

The virus will enter to our body through our food, drink, surrounding, air, and etc.
So, when our NATURAL ALARM so called INTERFERON detected that their home is being invaded by the intruder, they will activate their alarm and send signals to the white blood cells or also well known as a LIVING ARMY.

Then, once our army received the signals from their neighbourhood (interferon), they will run faster towards the signals (the source came from) and catch the intruder and finished them!(sungguh mafia disitu~~)

After their mission is accomplished, the army will go back to their works (kembali meninjau menjaga kawasan seperti abam sekuriti). And this is the ‘how’ part works in our body!

Sadly, our interferon will die someday~that’s why a lot of people is ‘under attacked’ by the intruder because our natural alarm is malfunctioning.

For this reason, Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima (Immunologist) developed NutriFeron to top up alarm in our body. He spent more than 40 years of research to produce this nutriferon. After screening, testing and evaluating thousands of compounds and more than 2000 different herbs, Dr. Kojima successfully invented NutriFeron.

NutriFeron is a botanical beverage mix – Pumpkin seed, Plantago seed, Japanese Honeysuckle flower, and Safflower flowers. Very very very natural combination! Plus, it’s very unique because NutriFeron are non-toxic, safe, clicnical proven, and patented formula !

So nowwww….i can conclude that, you can say bubyeeee to PARACETAMOL ! No more paracetamol, just consume NutriFeron. Always safe, always works, and always green!

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