Saturday, 12 March 2016

PasShion means PASSION + FASHION


The idea came when i was on my way heading to my home. 4 o'clock in the evening, while driving lots of ideas coming around on my mind, from design A, B, C....Z and back to the design A again!

Well, talking about design, i love to sketch! though my sketching looks like a riddle (and i am the only one who could understands my drawing, terrible huh??!) but i don't care because my ultimate goal is my final 'masterpiece'!

Since i was Cellyzlyn's manager for SMOTY competition,  i decided to design for her to wear on Sabah Model of the Year (SMOTY) Season 5, in 2015, so be it!

Here, i want to share my first try in designing. The materials were:-

*Sequin cloths (dark blue/navy blue)
*Beads and diamonds
*laces (i picked the one that i think suits with its base, dark blue vs purple laces)

My original idea actually were not really look like this but.....forget it!

Cellyzlyn Stephen on her second round

Actually we were given 2 tasks to complete. The first task was to create Evening Gown (Miss Universe Inspirations) as shown above. An the second task was to create Contemporary Traditional Evening Gown (as shown below).
Cellyzlyn Stephen on her first round

 For this, the materials were:-
*Black Bridal Satin (high quality) 
*Maroon organza 
*Beads, gold/red laces

so, that's all?! thank you for reading~~

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